Update: May 2nd 2017

Added a "Chaos Game" generator inspired by a numberphile video. JAVASCRIPT

Update: Jan 15th 2017

Added a new section in code for html5/Javascript JAVASCRIPT

Added new watercolor art which can be found HERE!

Heavily modified the grouping of previous art in the PICTURES section

Update: Nov 17th 2014

I added it a while ago, but if you havent been on the site since last september you may have missed the updates I made to projects

The updates include: Roomba hack update, Some pictures of the mercury comet, and an oscilliscope I put together.

Update: Feb 22th 2014

I've added all of the content from the original site. Also added a COMMENT SYSTEM for the pictures.

No new content yet, still fleshing out the back end issues. Enjoy!

Update: Jan 25th 2014

The site has been moved! I have migrated from free webhosting to my own. This was always the plan but I was lazy and didn't get around to it.

Populating content will be the next step.